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Junior Achievement


The SHRM SWFL initiative to partner with Junior Achievement was started in the Fall of 2016.  Our first series of JA in a Day program took place in 2017.  The initiative was announced to the Chapter members and embraced with open arms!  

This was an opportunity to go into the classroom (K-12) with a pre-planned outline provided by JA to share with students programs that foster work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills that can inspire outside the box thinking and awareness.

Those that have participated were eager to share their experience and created a huge momentum and an eager group of volunteers.  There are an array of opportunities to get involved through this program, from JA for a Day, to the 2-5-8 Graduate program.

Individually or organizationally, you can have an impact. We post their events links so you can participate in events that best fit your needs. We enjoy supporting this organization.


Christy L. Sushil, SHRM SCP, SPHR, CPM - HR Generalist at Lee County Clerk of Courts

“I was fortunate and honored to volunteer with Junior Achievement at Villas Elementary.  It was a true pleasure to witness the students’ thirst for knowledge regarding entrepreneurship.  This program provides a better understanding of what it means to take initiative, be creative, spend wisely, and support the community.  Financial literacy is paramount to young people’s success!  Junior Achievement is just the right resource to help them pursue their dreams and reach their potential.  What a joy!”

Erica Concepcion, CGSP - HR Talent Specialist at SunStream Hotels & Resorts, LLC

“My junior achievement experience was way more than what I had hoped for. As a current HR Professional, and Elementary Education student, I couldn’t believe how perfect the opportunity was for me and was SO excited to be a part of it!

The prepared lesson and materials provided to the volunteers were outstanding. In fact, I saved my materials to use as future resources when I teach one day! My experience with Vanessa Santiago (Education Manager), representing Junior Achievement was superb; she was organized, happy, upbeat and reassuring for those of us volunteering for the first time!

The classroom experience was everything I had hoped for and more. The teachers were very responsive. They provided assistance and reassurance, and let the volunteers take control of their classroom for the allotted time. My biggest fear is that I wouldn’t be able to engage the students and they would not be responsive; boy was I wrong! The students were SO excited!  To top it off, I couldn’t believe how much they knew about the lesson being taught (goods, services and many different ways to pay) and I’ve never seen so much classroom participation! Many of the students found ways to relate to the material to their past and present experiences, sharing stories and even asking questions!

Finally, Villas Elementary School represented their facility with the utmost professionalism including a warm welcome with coffee and donuts for the volunteers. The staff I encountered during my volunteer time were nothing but pleasant, professional and very welcoming. It’s so nice to see such community support and coming together to set the future of our community up for success with career readiness and financial literacy! I’m ashamed I was not more aware of this program previously and am proud to say after this experience, I’m a 100% advocate of this program! I’ll definitely be returning as a volunteer again in the future.”

Debbie Wyatt - Human Resources / Payroll Manager at Lee Drywall, Inc

“JA in a Day is a wonderful program that teaches children about entrepreneurship and business.  It is exhilarating to help children understand what that can aspire to be.  This program is a great way to give back to your community.”


“This was a wonderful experience. It gave me great satisfaction to collaborate with JA and helps children to learn about work readiness, financial information, and about becoming entrepreneurs.  All children in my three sessions were engaged, exited, and interested in the subject. The materials provided by JA were very helpful. I very much appreciate the consideration to participate in this important program!”

Judy Marcucci, PHR, SHRM CP - Human Resource Generalist at Lee County Clerk of Courts and SHRM SWFL - VP Membership & Volunteers

“I am so very excited to be partnering with Junior Achievement through SHRM SWFL.  Vanessa Santiago coordinates our sessions and does an amazing job of keeping it all straight!

This was my second visit to Villas Elementary.  The children are eager to learn and the teachers are very supportive of the program!  We were welcomed personally by the school principal, Shane Musich. Our sessions focused on entrepreneurship on the community level.  The outline and contents of the JA curriculum allowed the interaction between us to come naturally. The students were receptive and eager to engage. I can’t help but feel energized by the setting and looking forward to continuing to volunteer!

We had the opportunity to meet and observe CEO of JA, Jack Kosakowski.   He visited the classroom and interacted with the students.  I found Jack to be personable, engaging and appreciative of SHRM SWFL  volunteer involvement.”


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